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The market for fiber-optic equipment and services in military, government and aerospace is expected to be a growth business for the next decade.

The major market for fiber optics until now has been in the telecommunications field. However, increased competition between systems, subsystems, and component suppliers has forced down prices, lowering profits and margins. Optical equipment suppliers are looking to new markets to improve their bottom lines and capabilities. Despite this, new technology continues to be developed at a rapid rate. Fortunately, much of this technology is applicable to the defense, aerospace, and Homeland Security fields. Much of the information on government projects is not readily available and is scattered among a wide range of sources. The Military and Aerospace Fiber Optics Monthly Newsletter will search out and report this hard to find information on a regular basis.

The MAFO newsletter will cover all applications of fiber optics, including communications, control, computer networks, lighting, sensors, radar, surveillance, security, and many more. The MAFO newsletter will be a necessary marketing tool for those already providing optical equipment and services to the defense, aerospace, and Homeland Security business, as well as those firms considering entering these fields.

Subjects Covered?
  • Major contracts planned
  • Contract awards
  • Key government organizations
  • Key OEM suppliers
  • Subcontractors
  • Technology requirements
  • Standards developments
  • Foreign developments
    • Applications
    • Communications within platforms
    • Computer networks
    • Sensors
    • Lighting
    • Surveillance
    • Security
    • Base and facilities communications
    • Missile detection (Manpad)
    • Tethers
    • Critical infrastructures
    • Aircraft (military and commercial)
    • Ships
    • Spacecraft
    • Missile detection and avoidance

Who Should Be Interested?
  • OEMs
  • Optical systems suppliers
  • Opticalsubsystems suppliers
  • Component suppliers
  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Wire and cable supplier
  • Investors
  • Venture capitalists
  • Connector suppliers
  • Marketing managers
  • New product developers
  • Systems integrators

What Are the Benefitds of Subscribing?
  • Gives early warning of procurements planned or announced worldwide;
  • Saves time collecting and condensing information from many sources in one place;
  • Provides market insights into the impact of new developments, products, competition, technology, and standards;
  • Pays for itself in cost of identifying, locating, and acquiring hard-to-find key market information ;
  • Supplies competitive analysis of market developments and plans of major government agencies;
  • Keeps you up-to-date in this fast-moving field ;
  • Provides a competitive information edge.



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