Four New Books on POF
January 24, 2008

IGI Announces the Availability of
Four New Books on Plastic Optical Fibers

A spate of new books on Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) has hit the market, indicating increased interest in the field. These include the following:

Chart I – US House Hold PCs and Internet Access Penetration

POF Handbook - Optical Short Range Transmission Systems
by Olaf Ziemann, Juergen Krauser, Peter E. Zamzow, and Werner Daum

Pre-Order Now - Ships April 18, 2008

Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibers
by Maryanne Large, C. Poladian, L. Barton and G. Eijkelenborg

Now Shipping

Polymer Fiber Optics: Materials, Physics, and Applications
by Mark G. Kuzyk

Now Shipping

MOST - The Automotive Multimedia Network
by Andreas Grzemba
Now Shipping

Tables of contents and ordering information for these books are avialable at the above links along with other POF products on .

For more information please contact:

Kimberly Saladin
Information Gatekeepers Inc.

320 Washington Street, Suite 302
Boston, MA 02135
617-782-5033, Fax 617-782-5735


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